Alabama Communication Association


Updated July 19, 2014


Welcome to the Alabama Communication Association. It's time for the 2014 convention, and the program is online at the convention page. The convention will be held on July 26, 2014 at Troy University. We will have a slightly different approach to the keynote this year as we officially name our student awards after Bert Bradley and Jennings Bryant - two scholars who have had a significant impact on Alabama communication scholarship. We encourage everyone to submit their scholarship.

Please recognize that if you are accepted to be part of the program, we are expecting you to attend the conference. In the past, we have had a significant number of no-shows who did not pay for the convention. This is problematic because we have to pay for the luncheon (which is included in the conference registration fee) in advance, which represents a significant expense. We would like to trust people to be professional, so we are resisting the tactics used by other organizations. We look forward to seeing you all in Troy!