Journal of Contemporary Rhetoric

The journal of the Alabama Communication Association is the Journal of Contemporary Rhetoric.
The Journal of Contemporary Rhetoric promotes the idea of public intellectualism.
We believe that both scholarship and scholars should be made available to the public as whole, rather than simply to a small group of specialists.
We believe that this requires a different kind of scholarship. We believe that it is possible to combine the rigors of academic inquiry with the timeliness of journalism.
We believe that the walls between academia and the rest of the world must become more permeable.
We believe that the most important barrier that must be broken is that surrounding scholarship.
We believe that a lay audience can understand rhetorical theory and criticism if it is written without obfuscating jargon.
We believe that current journals are ill-suited to this task; we seek to fill that void.
We believe that by using the medium of the internet we can reach far more people far more quickly than by using the traditional print medium.
We believe that a more robust relationship between scholars and the mass media would benefit the quality of discourse in the public sphere.
We believe that a more informed public is a public better able to take part in a democratic society.
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